About Animal Nerd

Animal NerdHi, I’m John Reilly, the Head Nerd at animalnerd.com.  I am a Canine Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA) with a Master of Science degree in Anthrozoology and years of experience in training and helping to rehabilitate shelter dogs, preparing them for successful adoption.  Throughout my time working with dogs, I have been dismayed and somewhat frustrated by the amount of poor and misleading information that is being pushed out to the public.   We are constantly seeing dogs that are the victims of benign or willful neglect; or have been traumatized by abusive training practices that have been marketed to well-intentioned owners.  The amount of poor information, biased articles, marketing of goods and services, and outdated practices is so ubiquitous that its extremely difficult for members of the public to find the assistance they need in dealing with animal-related issues.

This site’s goal is to be a place where current, evidence-based information on animal care, welfare and training can be hosted and exchanged – open not just about dogs, but for all species of domestic animals and wildlife.  Although my own field of interest and expertise is in canine welfare and behavior, all animal-related subjects are welcome.

The rules are simple:

First, keep in mind that the reason for being here is an honest concern about animal welfare.  The discussions must be couched in mutual respect.  Your opinions are valued but be prepared to back them up with data from reputable sources.  Feel free to defend any position you take, but personal attacks or inflammatory language will not be tolerated.

Second, this is not a place for politics.  Current and proposed government policies or legislation are perfectly acceptable discussions in the context of wildlife or domestic animal issues (for example, whale protections or animal cloning), but this is not a site for party partisanship.

Third, feel free to bring me anything that you’d like to share – articles, studies or commentary that is related to animal welfare or care.  This is a site for sharing quality information.  But be prepared to engage in any discussion that may result.  I can be reached at the Contact page.

How to follow Animal Nerd:

You can find new posts and updates by following us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AnimalNerd/ , or by following me on Twitter @J_E_Reilly.  If you would like to receive new posts and updates by email, please request to be added to my mailing list via the Contact page.

So, unleash your inner nerd.  Dive into the science of animals.

John Reilly, CBCC-KA