About Animalnerd

I’m John.  I have always been fascinated by the animal life that surrounds us, and continually interacts with us – even if we are seldom aware of it. Our homes and neighborhood are ecosystems for our fellow animals, large and small, and I’ve always felt a sense of gratitude and wonder at the interactions that we have with our fellow creatures on a daily basis. Whether it’s a game of fetch with a family dog, a robin nesting in your garden hedge, or a box turtle that decides your mulch bed is a perfect place to lay her eggs, our lives continually intersect with our fellow creatures. They’re enriching our lives, while we are pushing many of them to the edge.

After decades of living and working in the Skinner Box known as Washington DC, my wife and I retired, packed up our house and our dogs, and moved back to southern New England, where we belong. Although Mrs. Animal Nerd embraced retirement immediately, I continued working in the Cyber Security field for a couple of years as I transitioned out of a career mode. That’s over now, and I’ve bought myself some time to work on the things that truly interest me.

At present, I’m working as a dog trainer in a well regarded animal shelter; helping to socialize and train dogs to help them get adopted to good homes. I’m also enrolled in the Anthrozoology at Canisius College, working towards another Master’s degree. I’m hoping this blog will help me in that effort, and allow me to share the things that I encounter and learn along the way. As I have got a lot to learn, and I hope this will interest you.